Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Body Beautiful (Stone Butch).

I am a proud, self-identified Stone Butch top, celebrating feeling comfortable with my body and celebrating my masculinity - I own it, I revel in it and I bask in it.  And fuck it feels good.


Marguerite said...

You are fucking beautiful.

Marguerite said...

You can do me any day. You are unbelievably sexy and hot. Fuck!

Long live butches who challenge masculinity and long live one's like you who are comfortable being naked with a lover and in the skin they were born in and How rare to find a stone butch who is comfortable with being touched like you on the chest.

Can I say fuck again?

Paul said...

Buddy you are an inspiration. You own it for sure. Your masculinity is beautiful and natural and you are such a strong and beautiful human being and Butch.

I love that you have the courage and confidence in who you are to expose yourself in this way especially since you identify as Stone Butch. To embrace the body you have been born with and to define and mold it naturally the way you have with the hard work you put into it to keep it the way it looks. Look how fucking beautiful you are (yes Marguerite whoever you may be, I agree).

We've been friends for over a decade and still you continue to amaze me.

Body Beautiful. Body Butch!

vixen kitten said...

Sweet Jeezus, you are my kind of yummy.


Jess said...

Fuck me! You can put your hot hands all over me any day. Looking at this photo just made me wet. So love a hot sexy butch who looks after themselves and who is not covered in tattoos.

Lord have mercy you are my kind of yummy too. xo

Anonymous said...

licks lips

I often wondered what was under your tight Bonds raglan v-neck Ts. I don't think I'll be able to look at you in the same way again

phhwooaarrr! sexy Cat!

Anonymous said...

Holy fuck!!!

well aren't you a fine, lean specimen of a butch. And glad to see no use of T. Hot! Just hot and agree with the ladies - yummy!

Paul said...

Buddy you know this photo doesn't really do you justice. I saw you at the pool and gym the other day and obviously this pic is a little old. Your chest is flatter now you're that tight and toned and the rest, hmm well I will leave that to the viewers imagination. Still I think you have their attention :-)

Mister! said...

Paul: Always a pleasure my friend. You have always been there for me and I will never forget you or your words or encouragement.


Mister! said...

Vixen Kitten: Well what can I say about you other than I think you ooze sex appeal ... and you're welcome to drop by anytime.

I am humbled that you felt honoured to make me feel hot under the collar after reading your blog - no woman has ever said that to me before ... *wink*

A pleasure!

Mister! said...

Anonymous and Jess: Again, I am flattered. As a Butch it is always nice to know that you are desired and even ... appreciated.

I love my identity and it is something that I take a hell of a lot of pride and comfort in - to me it is like coming home.

I hope you stop by again.

Marguerite said...

You are so bloody hot and sexy.

I'd like to share something personal with you if you don't mind. My ex went on testosterone and unfortunately it altered our relationship in a very big way and it changed 'us' and how I see what is butch and femme and our partnership. I thought I would be okay with his decision to go on it because I loved him but in the end I could not stay with him or in the relationship as I did not like the changes. It was very hard and difficult for me to come to terms with.

At the start it was fine and new and different but like you said eventually it was something along the lines of looking like or becoming 'like a man'. It was not right for me as if I wanted to be with someone who physically reflected a man I would just go out with a man. And I don't mean the energy or the masculinity of someone such as a butch for example, I mean the physicality of a person - as in the changes that took place after he started using testosterone.

To be truthful with you and to myself I couldn't deal with my ex becoming very hairy like a bloke. I could not get used to the change in the smell of his urine. It was horrible. I could not get used to having his whiskers on me as he kissed me or feeling them if I touched him. I could not get used to how hairy in general he became - the stomach, the legs, the arms, the face, everything. I could not get used to the change in his voice. Physically he was all 'man like'. I could not get used to the change in the structure of his face. I could not get used to him shaving like a bloke. I could not get used to his gain in muscle - it was too big due to all of the testosterone. And it changed 'us' and they are only some of the things about him that changed.

I've identified as a femme for as long as I can remember and it was not butch to me anymore. Not how I view butch anyway and I just could not be with him. It was 'man' and I just couldn't stay. It was very very hard for me to go through. But to stay true to myself I knew I could not spend my life with him and I had to end it.

I think you are really courageous to show yourself in this way. I admire your confidence and your strength and how strong you seem in your identity. I have read your posts and your strength reflects in your writing. I know a lot of butches and stones who are not comfortable with this sort of thing and I find you to be inspiring, strong and brave.

Body beautiful. Body Butch.

Peace and light x

Mister! said...

Marguerite: Thank you for sharing what you did with me. I can imagine it was not easy for you to be in that relationship or to be faced with so many changes that were brought about by your exes decision to Transition.

I can really relate to what you said, and some of the things that you pointed out in terms of the way your ex changed physically were ultimately some of the reasons that made me decide in the end that that was not the right path for me, and that I did not wish to pursue the avenue of taking T. And believe me it was something (along with many other related issues) that weighed on my mind and that I considered for many years.

Thank you for your kind words regarding my posts and the way you see me in my identity. And thank you also for sharing your personal stance and your personal journey with myself and others who may stumble across this post and read your truth - you are brave to do so.

I hope that some day you find someone who you can see yourself being with and that you are not faced with so many difficult and confronting challenges.

With regards.

Elena said...

Oh my! You're hot!

I found you and this pic accidently on google. This photo came up while doing a search so I thought I'd take a peek by pressing on the link. Glad I did *smirks* Damn! Did I say Oh MY already?

I have to say it is so refreshing to see a butch who looks after themselves and who's arms and hands are not covered in ink - I personally find that a huge turnoff.

Wow! You are incredibly sexy and beautiful. And yummy as mentioned above by others.

If I could have one wish right now, it would be that you would do things to me *smirks* all day long. I am so turned on by you I just want to dive into this photo and have you take me. How unfair I cannot. *long sigh*

stone femme said...

Oh my god! I googled stone butch on google images and you appeared.

Wow! Just wow! You are so beautiful. And your words are beautiful. I like the strength that shines through in your writing. And your confidence in who you are and in your identity without sounding cocky or into yourself. That is rare.

It is nice to meet you.

Anonymous said...

Well hello from Arizona.

Fuck! I want to eat you all up. You are hot.

That is all.

Rhode Island femme said...

Ummmm... Rhode Island here. Can I fly you over the atlantic so you can come fuck me?

You are perfection. So my type and so so sexy. A femmes' butch is what you are. purrrfection. God.