Monday, July 25, 2011

Rest In Peace Amy Jade Winehouse

It was only on Saturday that I decided to take my Amy Winehouse cds from the shelf, get in my car and go for a drive. I spent hours driving through the mountains with Amy blasting through my speakers, as I have done so many times before. It has always bought me happiness to listen to her music. I know that might sound a little odd given that most of what she sang about was the pain and heartache she experienced throughout her life, but I felt honoured to be exposed to the honesty of her lyrics and deeply moved by the sound of her voice - that voice that was, and still is, unmistakable! But now... the thought of listening to her music brings me sadness.

Her song (There Is) No Greater Love has always been one of my favourites - she truly does sing it so beautifully. It is one of those tracks that I play over and over and over again and never tire of. For me, that song will always remain as one of those special, soulful, timeless classics.

In comparison, whenever I listened to Amy, I was continually reminded of how most other artists seem so... ordinary. Not many singers have the ability to compel me to rush out and buy their music - that is a very rare occurrence indeed. But Amy was definitely at the top of my list. Let me tell you, it has been quite some time since I went out and bought an album (her's being the last), and it has been over 15 years since I have willingly parted with money from my pocket to spend on a concert ticket, but I always said that if she ever graced us with an Australian tour, then I would certainly go. And now I will never get the chance.

While at work early on Sunday morning I read that Amy had passed away. There was the headline on my phone "Amy Winehouse Dead". I couldn't believe my eyes, I had to read it again. And in all honesty, it really is one of the saddest things that I have ever heard.

I think that the world and those who truly appreciate musical talent have been robbed of an exceptionally gifted and unique soul, who's music will live on far beyond most of the stuff that we are subjected to on a daily basis, through platforms such as commercial radio and the Top 40. Her death really is a tragic, tragic loss... and I really cannot believe that she is gone.

Rest In Peace, Amy - I miss your music already!


Carrie said...

I really like what you say about Amy. It's heart warming to see one of the very few pieces written about Amt recently that don't include her addictions. Very tasteful.


A Fool for Love... said...

Thank you, Carrie.

It's Amy's music that I will remember her by, and not the things that the media continually exploited about her and her downfall throughout the past 4 or 5 years, just so they could make a buck!

I think Amy was a lost little soul in some ways, and she seemed vulnerable, but it is not my place to judge her addictions. I think it's disappointing that so many are so quick to judge...

Instead, I think we should seek to be more compassionate towards others and the various forms of suffering that we as human beings experience. Life is full of suffering, and it is something that we all share and have in common. Life is not so black and white at times, and humans are such complex beings.

The world would be a much better place if more people practiced and cultivated compassion and had the ability to place themselves in someone elses' shoes - even if only for a brief moment in time.

Perhaps Amy might still be alive today if this were the case? Who knows. But if you ask me, that is part of the tragedy of it all.

She had so much more to give us musically, and it really is very sad that her life ended the way it did.

Carrie said...

oh how true. How true indeed.

And if only there were more people like you in the world. Whoever steals your heart will be one very lucky soul. I think many of us search and hope to find someone who thinks like you and those around you I feel are lucky.

Very gentlemanly :-)

Alexandra said...

This is such a beautiful and respectful tribute to the late Amy Winehouse. I loved your words and I am going to miss her music too. Such a sad loss.

My partner and I were happy to see you out last night. It's been years! You haven't changed a single bit - still as handsome and gentlemanly as ever. And your style of dress is stunning - I could liken you to Reg Traviss - Amy's Winehouses beau. we loved the 60s inspired slim fit suit and your shoes were to die for. Your hair shiny and a cut like no one elses in the room. What do you put in it?

Anyway you stood out from the crowd. I hope we run into you again. Even though I am happily taken, Oh how I wish there were more butches like you around.

I wish more people took the time to dress the way you do.

And again a lovely tribute to Amy.