Friday, May 08, 2009

Eggleston Hall: For Butches.

Clearly, this self-identified Stone Butch top has way too much time on my hands, and in terms of my droll sense of humour, it certainly doesn't take all that much to get a rise out of me ...

The other night whilst watching Ladette to Lady I had a bit of a chuckle at the thought of the creators of this latest reality TV series making an episode of "Butch-ette to Lady". Now, let me be really honest here (all chuckles aside), the mere thought of an episode such as this even seeing the light of day was enough to send my head into a spin. Oh my, can you even imagine it? I can just see it now; waking up early one morning at Eggleston Hall and heading down stairs to discover the latest challenge, which is to hear that Mrs Harbord announces a zero tolerance policy on Butch cock. Or for something even more dizzying; being told that I must now put in my hair curlers, slip into my pantyhose and don a frock!

I don't know about the rest of you Butches, but I still suffer from P.T.D.S (post traumatic dress syndrome) from the class of 1987 (which was the last time I was forced to wear caught in a dress).

And, even though I don't really consider myself as someone who is overly masculine, let alone as someone who acts as these 'ladettes' do, (i.e. are loud, foul-mouthed, uncultured and unpleasant young women, who like to drink and smoke and who are often sexually promiscuous - according to Wikepedia), I'm sorry to inform the ill-informed: there ain't no lady, or inner-Princess, for that matter, lurking behind this here Butch Daddy. And no matter how hard you'd try, you would never, ever be able to feminise me or get me to change my naughty Butch ways, thus making me into what is described as ... a real lady.

Hmm, perhaps I should rephrase that one. So, let's try again, shall we ... 
You could never turn me into something that is seen as less threatening or challenging in relation to my masculinity, or into something that fits snugly and neatly into what is expected of someone as a woman, especially regarding some of the notions on how someone should present themselves as a woman (commonly known as "societal standards", which, in my mind, can also be interpreted as that good old: "a woman who acts like or who looks like a woman" sort of thing. You know? - we'll have none of that male lesbian sort of thing. Not that I am actually trying to be or wanting to be a man ... but I am quite sure that by now you get the gist *wink*).

Yep, think I'll just stick to my men's shoes, suits, ties, cuff links, collar stays and french cuffs, thank you very much ...

[insert (non-girly) Butch giggle here] *grins*


Moonsorceress said...

Nice one...a butch friend of mine told me yesterday she had started wearing makeup...freaking out!!! *lol* seriously, though, I would like to see Mrs Harbord getting hold of some of those "just me"s and making them either Butch *or* Femme: "Cut that hair, don't let it straggle all over the place - long and sleek, or short and spiky!"

sweet said...

Collar stays and French cuffs?


Why do they have to pigeonhole??? Drives me batty...


Leather said...

We have come to the conclusion that you and Mrs Harbord would probably spend most of the time fighting over which one of you gets to hold the cane!

Is there a Headmaster in the House (Hall)?

Leather x

Butch Boo said...

Yep! I can confirm PTDS is certainly prevalenT
I remember being forced into a peach tutu like it was yesterday!!

You keep those shoes and cufflinks buffed and shiny!



Jen said...

I agree with Sweet ... ties, french cuffs and collar stays - delicious.

Sarah said...

A butch in a suit, Yummo! And I am glad you are not into all of that novelty tie and cufflink stuff either. I think it's tacky.

We are sad you left myspace. It will be really boring without you around, but I understand why you left. Not much happens on it anymore thats for sure. Seems facebook is the go these day's.

We hope you decide to come up for your birthday next month if you don't have any other plans.

Take care friend.

Sarah and Andy xo