Monday, February 23, 2009

I don't know where that place is you speak of...

But just so you know,

I'm thinking of you

and I miss you.

I will be here when you get back.



Jude said...

This is a touching post. Thanks for sharing.


essence said...

Just stopping by to say hello, hope all is well. Thank you for coming to my blog. i also bought the book 365 Tao, that was definitely a wonderful find.


Mister! said...

Essence, it was my pleasure.

I hope that you enjoy 365 Tao as much as I have over the years. Self-cultivation (especially of the spiritual kind) is a lifelong process/journey, and at times that book has certainly aided in putting things back into perspective for me.

The World that we live in today sure can be crazy and pretty fast-paced, and sometimes it is essential that we stop and take pause and reevaluate what's going on around us, and also what's going on within us...

Thank you for stopping by.

Daddy's Little Girl said...

Dear Sir,

Thank you for visiting my blog yesterday. I hope you found something of value in my words. I am sorting through my head "out loud" and do so hope it makes sense to someone else besides just me.

Thank you, too, for adding me to your Blogroll. I am humbled that you found my writing compelling enough to include a link from your blog.

I hope you will visit me again sometime.

Peace in all things...
Daddy's Little Girl

Mister! said...

Daddy's Little Girl, thank you also for visiting my blogspace.

I relate to a lot of what you spoke about, and I do understand where it is that you are coming from in terms of your needs, wants and desires - eventhough there are varying degrees in how I, and how others may live within the bounds of Daddy/Girl.

May I say, it is always refreshing to come across others who relate to D/G, as it is rare to find anyone in both the online and the offline community, who can actually grasp the concept of the type of relationship I choose to live in, without it automatically being assumed that my relationships are based around that of some deep-seeded desire to want to commit paedophilia... etc, etc.

It is important for others to be aware of and to take note, that for me, when I am in this particular kind of dynamic with another, my partner is still always ALL WOMAN to me, (regardless of what kind of a role she decides to take on/or finds herself needing to explore), and she is ALWAYS repsected as such...

She is always cherished, honoured, and made to feel like she is the most important thing in my World. And as a Daddy, it is not only essential but also important for me to be able to create and provide a safe, secure, and loving environment, where she can feel free to be whoever or however she needs to be - without judgement.


Daddy's Little Girl said...

O Mister!

Your words ring true in my heart. I care not what others will think. I'm too old to care. I have lived too long with this bottled up inside me to care.

I have met one who seems to be more than I ever imagined. We are meeting in person for the first time soon. Not soon enough for impatient me, but soon. He is all you write of in your reply to me and more... if that's humanly possible.

I hold hope in my fist that he is true.

I enjoy reading your words when I visit and only wish I had time to visit more often.

Peace in all things...
Daddy's Little Girl
[or you can call me *sweet*]

sweet said...

I keep coming back to this post... it is the essence of a Daddy to me... that Daddy holds a place for me...


Lilly said...

I like this post and I love the dialogue between you and your frequent readers.

Like Daddy's Little Girl I also think the way you talk about DG is the essence of what and how a daddy should be - at least the kind I would want to be with if I found myself being in that place.

The world needs more people like you.