Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Power of Choice.

Something I read not too long ago really struck a chord with me today: “Your life isn’t defined by what happens to you; you define your life by how you choose to respond to the things life throws at you. That is the power of choice.”

It reminds me of a quote I came across while reading Mans Search for Meaning.  It follows ...

"Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom."

Friday, May 29, 2009


I will hold you to that Banana Split,
and when we share it I will savour each and every moment.

Until then ...


Monday, May 25, 2009

Rubik's Cube and the Ballpoint Pen not the only things Hungary has going for it...

Every morning I like to take time to reflect on life and to ready myself for what needs to be done during the day ahead. I also like to go out very early for breakfast, and afterwards sit and sip on my cup of lemon and ginger tea and take time to read the morning paper. Not only am I interested in what goes on locally, but also in what goes on globally.

In this mornings edition of the paper I came across a rather curious article that had me scratching my head, which eventually led me to remember some of the stories my Nan used to proudly go on about her Homeland. That is, sadly, the stories she used to spin before her dementia set in.  Afterwards, I chuckled and thought to myself, gee, if only she could see this one ... because I reckon it would give her a bit of a chuckle too.

High-Heel Sprint in Budapest:

May 23rd, some 100 women took part in the race wearing high- heeled shoes with a required minimum height of 8cm for a $6200 prize.

Please correct me if I am wrong, but I am not too sure if this is something the Hungarians actually whipped up all on their own - even though Nan sure would like to think that the Hungarians were responsible for everything great that happened in the World - or, come to think of it, why some women would subject themselves to something which looks rather dangerous to me, just for the chance of a $6,200 prize.

Okay, sure, $6,200 could be considered a substantial amount of money to some, while for others, a race of this sort might be considered fun to run in a pair of killer heels - although, from a distance, it's hard to tell based purely by the look on their faces, but under close observation (runner #80) it actually suggests to me otherwise - but Hell, I wouldn't last 5 damn steps in a pair of heels, not that you'd ever catch me in a pair of heels, that is *wink* but you know, I'm, well, I'm just saying. If truth be told, I am more of an admirer of women who wear heels, especially when worn with a lovely pair of seamed stockings, but hey, let's not get me started on that one ...

It did get me thinking, however, that perhaps this type of event is something we could stage over here for drag queens at the next Mardi Gras Fair Day. Who knows?  We could hold a National competition for all the drag queens from all around the land to come and take part in, at the same time, using it as an opportunity to help raise money for charity, or to raise money to help educate and campaign for issues such as homophobia and violence against members of our community.

Yep, anyway, I certainly can visualise a bunch of screaming queens tearing down Broadway in all of their finest. After all, it's not exactly the first time I would be a witness to such things *wink*. I certainly know of a couple that I have worked with over the years as a club DJ who would just love to enter ...

Miu Miu patent leather pumps anyone?

Friday, May 08, 2009

Eggleston Hall: For Butches.

Clearly, this self-identified Stone Butch top has way too much time on my hands, and in terms of my droll sense of humour, it certainly doesn't take all that much to get a rise out of me ...

The other night whilst watching Ladette to Lady I had a bit of a chuckle at the thought of the creators of this latest reality TV series making an episode of "Butch-ette to Lady". Now, let me be really honest here (all chuckles aside), the mere thought of an episode such as this even seeing the light of day was enough to send my head into a spin. Oh my, can you even imagine it? I can just see it now; waking up early one morning at Eggleston Hall and heading down stairs to discover the latest challenge, which is to hear that Mrs Harbord announces a zero tolerance policy on Butch cock. Or for something even more dizzying; being told that I must now put in my hair curlers, slip into my pantyhose and don a frock!

I don't know about the rest of you Butches, but I still suffer from P.T.D.S (post traumatic dress syndrome) from the class of 1987 (which was the last time I was forced to wear caught in a dress).

And, even though I don't really consider myself as someone who is overly masculine, let alone as someone who acts as these 'ladettes' do, (i.e. are loud, foul-mouthed, uncultured and unpleasant young women, who like to drink and smoke and who are often sexually promiscuous - according to Wikepedia), I'm sorry to inform the ill-informed: there ain't no lady, or inner-Princess, for that matter, lurking behind this here Butch Daddy. And no matter how hard you'd try, you would never, ever be able to feminise me or get me to change my naughty Butch ways, thus making me into what is described as ... a real lady.

Hmm, perhaps I should rephrase that one. So, let's try again, shall we ... 
You could never turn me into something that is seen as less threatening or challenging in relation to my masculinity, or into something that fits snugly and neatly into what is expected of someone as a woman, especially regarding some of the notions on how someone should present themselves as a woman (commonly known as "societal standards", which, in my mind, can also be interpreted as that good old: "a woman who acts like or who looks like a woman" sort of thing. You know? - we'll have none of that male lesbian sort of thing. Not that I am actually trying to be or wanting to be a man ... but I am quite sure that by now you get the gist *wink*).

Yep, think I'll just stick to my men's shoes, suits, ties, cuff links, collar stays and french cuffs, thank you very much ...

[insert (non-girly) Butch giggle here] *grins*

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

What a Crock of Sh*t!

I have to laugh as today I heard someone say that Butches see Femmes as 'fair game'. Well, speak for yourself, Buddy, as I have never viewed any woman as 'fair game' - regardless of whether she were a Femme, or however else she cared to identify.

Over the years I have had, and maintained, many friendships with women where the thought of dating, or even the possibility of having sex with her, never, ever crossed my mind, let alone came up during the course of a conversation - be it in person or online.

Monday, February 23, 2009

I don't know where that place is you speak of...

But just so you know,

I'm thinking of you

and I miss you.

I will be here when you get back.


Saturday, February 14, 2009


Today whilst searching for answers I was drawn to a book on the shelf in my study that I have had in my possession for many years now. In 1993 I was fortunate enough to come across a copy of 365 Tao, by Deng Ming-Dao, in an out-of-the-way bookstore down in Melbourne during one of my annual visits.

To this day I can still remember the sense of awe I felt upon opening it, and also how captivated I was by its contents as I let them wash over me for the very first time. Until then I had never been exposed to the principles or the philosophy of Taoism. I wouldn't exactly say that after all of these years of turning to this book in times of need, that I am what you would call a 'devout' follower of Taoism. I mean, I try my best to live a spiritual life, but sometimes there's just so much chaos that goes on around us - and also within us - where we just get so damn caught up with everything and where everything seems to be moving so fast that I sometimes find myself straying from the path ... or forgetting that one even exists ...which now begs me to ask - for various other reason also - at what point did I start losing sight of myself? Not so much "who am I"?, because I do know who and what I am, but more in regards to what is right for me and what is not, and also that sense of inner peace which once seemed to be a constant companion of mine. Right now, I suspect that the cause of me questioning all of this is more than likely attributed to having so much conflict surrounding me by external forces - personal and other - which in my mind is not always a good thing. After all, there does come a point in our lives where we find ourselves in situations where we begin to think that enough is enough. And perhaps I am approaching that point sooner than I care to admit?

Anyway, I seem to find a strange sense of comfort in the knowing that every now and then we get a little reminder from the Universe, especially on days like this, where I sat at my desk and reached out for this book without intending to actually sit and read. It wasn't a conscious thought that led me to 365 Tao today, or to my study for that matter, but for some reason all that followed resonated deep within, and it was afterwards that I realised I obviously needed to hear what presented itself before me as I wearily opened up my book, turned to page 4, and began to read...


Moon above water.
Sit in solitude.

If waters are placid, the moon will be mirrored perfectly. If we still ourselves, we can mirror the divine perfectly. But if we engage solely in the frenetic activities of our daily involvements, if we seek to impose our own schemes on the natural order, and if we allow ourselves to become absorbed in self-centered views, the surface of our waters becomes turbulent. Then we cannot be receptive to Tao.

There is no effort that we can make to still ourselves. True stillness comes naturally from moments of solitude where we allow our minds to settle. Just as water seeks its own level, the mind will gravitate toward the holy. Muddy water will become clear if allowed to stand undisturbed, and so too will the mind become clear if it is allowed to be still.

Neither the water nor the moon make any effort to achieve a reflection. In the same way, meditation will be natural and immediate.