Saturday, November 29, 2008

Seven Days and One Week.

I tossed and turned for most of the night last night after taking myself to bed just after midnight, which is fairly late for me, even for a Friday...

You were in my thoughts, just as you have been for quite some time now, only lately it would appear to be a little more than usual, perhaps, even a little more than you should be. As I lay there I couldn't help but think about your question to me a couple of weeks ago, and even though all I could offer you at the time was a brief reply, as it was late and we were both very tired, I wanted to tell you this.

I just know,

and I will wait for you
for as long it takes.
I gave you my word once that I would be here for you, and if there is anything you know for certain about me by now, it is that I always stand by my word.
Even after all this time..
I am still here...
am I not?


My name is Lina said...

good morning. I like this post.

Jude said...

What little girl doesn't want to hear this from a Daddy? Wow, this is beautiful, I hope she realises just how lucky she is.

Maybe there is hope for the rest of us too.. reading your words gives me hope (I thought romance was dead)


moonsorceress said...

You are right, my friend. It is not where you are at any step of the journey, or who you share the road with, but who your companion is when the journey ends.

Sweets said...

Waiting is so hard for me. Yours is lucky you wait...


Vee said...

How beautiful. What a lucky girl.

Kelly said...

Beautiful, yes. And yes what a lucky woman. I love your words. Long live romance.


Lilly said...

Oh how I love this blog. I long to have someone say these things to me.

Yours is lucky you wait. very lucky to have a daddy like you. Rare.


Gina said...

I am jealous.

Wish I had a daddy like you. Even just someone who cared like you :-(


little girl said...

I love this!

So tender. So caring. There are only a few posts with daddy and little girl in them so the woman you speak of is a bit of a mystery. She is lucky to have a daddy like you. You seem genuine and real. I don't know how she can resist. I am almost jealous.

little girl